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Mancala FS5 app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 2144 ratings )
Social Networking Games Board Family Entertainment
Developer: FlipSide5, Inc.
Current version: 11.2.4, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 07 Jan 2009
App size: 93.63 Mb

Play against your friends or online against thousands of players in the most popular, seamless and streamlined rendition of Mancala available on the App Store. Differently themed gamesboards, beads, and sounds allow for a customizable and novel experience as you rise through the ranks.

Learn the joy of simple, accessible turn-based gameplay wherever you go, earning an unexpected free turn, and capturing your opponent’s pieces to turn the tides.

- Play offline single and two player games
- Play online with the largest online Mancala community in the world.
- Earn coins and raise your rating by playing online
- Customize the experience with the multiple gameboards, sounds and dark mode

Pros and cons of Mancala FS5 app for iPhone and iPad

Mancala FS5 app good for

A must get game. Even though it is free, it is fun to play! It is almost as good as monopoly!
Reminds me of playing this when I was younger. The ads can be a little annoying between games, but at least its free and works.
Fun game and can be very addicting. The ads are really annoying though.
Animation is great I played this when I was young great game and cool that you can play LAN and online
Animations are great. Overall a great app, I know its the lite version but the ads get really annoying. The ads make you not wanna buy the other games this company has to offer...but I still luv mancala so I luv this app!! <3
I liked it a lot I used to play this on club penguin on my puter but then I stopped Now Im addicted again

Some bad moments

This is a very confusing game because the supposed "help" is not very helpful. It doesnt explain how to play the game very well at all. I dont know how to score points, I dont understand this sowing deal and it is all just very confusing.
I like it when Im playing it in real life hut when u clear ur side of the board it lets the OTHER PLAYER get their beads so even though u win the game and should get there beads BUT THEY GET THEM AND USUALLY WIN ITS A STUPID GAME DONT GET IT
No complaints about the game. In fact, it plays well. But, I started playing online and got ROBBED by players who just let the timer countdown to zero. Then the game just sits there and you have no choice but to do the same. You dont get the win. The cowardly-poor-sport doesnt get a loss. This totally ruins the whole online part of the game for me. I will not play it because it happens too often. Single player game is the only part I play. I will not buy the game unless I am SURE this is fixed.
I used to play this game all the time and I really enjoy having it on my phone but since the update Ive been losing 9 points at a time when THE OTHER PERSON quits. What is that??? The update ruined it big time and now Im considering just deleting
I didnt upgrade to paid version as this one was way too buggy. People cheat on it by passing. And when other people quit you lose points
I found this game fun initially how ever the compute is kind of easy to beat, my biggest problem came from the fact that this game "calls home" on a regular basis and managed to drain my 500meg monthly data usage in just under 48 hours I talked with Rogers and they said it was around the tune of 20 to 40 Meg per call out for some reason. I would never recommend this app to anyone for that very reason

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