Mancala FS5 앱 리뷰

Mancala fun but effects distracting

I enjoy playing Mancala but the special effects are distracting, especially when they pop up in mid turn and cover the screen. I also don’t care for the “victory” sign popping up before the game is over. It’s nice to know that you’ve won the game, but wait till the end to let me know. Also, I know how to play and people who have viewed the tutorial should also know how to play. I don’t think that we need to see the notification about free turn or capture in the middle of the game. I also find that distracting.



What the hell

I’ve literally been playing this game for years DONT FIX WHATS NOT BROKEN WE DONT NEED AR

Mancala FS5

I enjoy this game and challenge myself often to keep my mind sharp. It’s great!

Keeps asking for a review

App constantly annoys you with rate now.

Chat bubble fix

Chat bubble blocks players score fix in update


Like I sed Complicated but fun ones you get the hang of it it take time to get hang of it but you can’t just say no I give up after 2:00 3:00 min it’s fun it takes about 3 to 4 rounds to get Youst to it

Mancala is AWESOME

I loved this game and I’ll play it forever and ever. ❤️❤️❤️! Thank you so very much for making this app. You guys are awesome 😎! I love that the 🖥 always loses so I can 🏆. Thanks again, Me

Great game but other modes should be included

Other than just capture mode they should also incorporate avalanche mode. But the game and graphics are great and online playing is phenomenal since there’s no lagging really


This game is so awesome and I cannot put my iPad down. You can play one player, two player, and sometimes online.😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉


This game is amazing and so much fun

No difficulty modes

I really wish that there were difficulty modes because I just started ( I already know how to play and have played before) and I am already easily beating the ‘beginner’ opponent

Took too long to update

This version is definitely better but it took developer sooooo long to fix all the bugs (years) that players uninstalled app and left. Online player base is essentially nonexistent.

Original FS5 was the best.

New IOS update makes the new version not work.

Changes yuck

The new version of this game is not pleasing!


Cool but There should be levels.

Great game, but chat is stupid

Great game and love the updates. But putting the chat was stupid. Especially adding the hurry up or it is your turn one. For a game that takes a minute more or less to complete. This is completely unnecessary and all you get is people who just spam hurry up all the time. Please take that away.

Awesome game!

Won’t let me turn sound down/off tho. iPhone 7plus

Took away my turn based option

How come you took this away. That is how my friends played we can't play with each other. It tells me to log in to Game Center and I'm already logged in. Help

How convenient:

In the middle of nearly every game, it says “lost connection” then pops up with an advertisement. Don’t waste your time.

It was one of the greats, so bummed

I updated my phone and now I can no longer play the older (much better) version of which I had custom backgrounds more play options and no ads Ads are obnoxious and the old layout was way better , it also was cool to play actual opponents online which is obviously a thing of the past


I’ve down graded my rating from two to to a one. I just can’t stand to play it. The game is slow and the graphics are irritating. A less than satisfying experience. I’d like the original back. The changes to the were not improvements. The graphics are hokey. Movement is slow. No longer fun.


Looking through the other reviews, I noticed people were saying that it was worse that the first version. I might agree if it were even functional in its first version for me. I don't know if it was my phone, but it never worked and now it does so I like it more and applaud whatever they fixed. I also noticed that someone said that the online feature isn't real? Can I call bs on that? How would you even come to that conclusion, and if that were the case how do you explain winning because the other person left? or 5 minute pauses, which have happened to me, between moves? No person in their right mind would code that into a game and I hope you know it. Anyway, I think that this game is pretty solid and I give it a 5. It isn't pay to win, and although the AI is albeit not very impressive, the PvP option makes up for it as you can tell that the game was never intended to only be played against the AI, but to use the AI as a tutorial for the actual game. That can be good or bad depending person to person, but for me it is good. I don't have anything else to say, but I do enjoy this game and will probably play it in my spare time a lot.


Have have had the old version of this game for many years. It was beautiful and ran flawlessly. This “new” version has graphics that look like something I coded 10 years ago in a beginning coding class. I hate that most of the settings from the original are gone and I can no longer choose to have random starts. I don’t want to begin the game every time. I hate to say it, but I will be deleting this version as it just is not fun to play anymore.

Needs work

People quit too often. When I am playing and I am doing well, people just up and quit. Yes, I still win but that isn’t the point. Some people make two moves and quit. One person quit mid game when I appeared to be winning and when I searched for another match, it paired me with the same person. (Same username) They quit immediately. I searched for another match.. same person again, quit immediately. This happened every time for several minutes, I finally just quit searching because it wouldn’t place me with anyone else and they refused to play.

Don't mess with a good thing

Liked the old version, likely to delete this one.

No computer first turn option

Ummm. Why won’t the computer ever go first?

Just OK

I like Mancala. The old game allowed invites of GAME CENTER friends, 4-6 stones, #of stones in each bin etc. I paid for this game and it’s not found.

Stop fixing stuff that’s not broken!!!

It was great until the upgrade when they decided to make it all sparkly & annoying! Now it’s just obnoxious!

I don’t see how the AR is suposed to work.

When I turn on the AR the game board goes away. I thought this was suposed to use your own background behind the board.

Wanted to love it

It’s kind of crappy that there’s no actual online players and for some reason now whenever I’m about 40 seconds into an “online” game it’ll tell me I lost connection even though not only is my WiFi working well but all my other apps and internet work perfectly fine. I really wish they covered the basic necessities to make this app good because it would’ve been a fun and simple game to play when bored.

Love this game BUT.....

Recently, I have been having an issue - every time that I am playing online, I will get “unexpectedly disconnected” from the server & it will keep happening over and over and over. Other than that, I absolutely love this game. Please fix the online mode!

Great game but keeps disconnecting from online play

Love Mancala and this app could be great. I had no problem the first couple of days, but now can’t finish an online game without receiving the message “Unexpectedly Lost Networking Connection. Try Agian”. Super frustrating.

Not great

Too easy. Online fails 100 percent of the time. Plus they prompt you every second for a review.

Make a penalty for quitting

Love the game but people online quit when they are losing so robs you of points earned. It’s a waste of time to play online.

Keep getting unexpected network disconnect

I keep playing online but I keep getting disconnected

New UI is poorly designed

I am all for changes, fresh looks, and upgrades but this new UI is actually poorer compared to the earlier UI. The glittering sparkles and the ads are too distracting, too intrusive. The app itself has become buggy too. The banners or toasts get stuck on the screen sometimes. The loading spinner is partially behind a banner. There are so many UI issues now that I cannot even list them here. It's all glitzy and tacky, and takes away from the game then enhance it.

Game has connection issues

Keeps kicking me out of live games. So annoying 😒


Love this app, but my experience is getting ruined by this constant message "Unexpected lost networking connection" And I can't even finish an online game anymore


Hi I just wanted to say thank you because i love mancala it’s my favourite board game so, Bye!!


The game is fun! But every couple games it crashes and gives the error message that connection was lost. First I thought there is something with my WiFi but it happens with or without the WiFi. Plz fix

Fun while it lasted

When I first downloaded this game it was pretty fun. Today it constantly continues to lose connectivity. I can’t finish a single game. So lame.

Mancala review

Had I known this was the upgrade I would’ve stayed with the last version! I really liked the last version best!!!! :/



Not an improvement

Previous version was better.

Very good but...

This game is amazing I would give it five stars except for the fact that the AI/bots aren’t very hard, all of the ai do the exact same moves that they did in the last game, now I can beat the hardest difficulty with ease. If you could make harder bots to beat, and make their moves somewhat more randomized then this game would be a 5 star game.

Much fun

I I think this game is really really really really five stars 10 stars 100 stars fun.

Hardest setting is too easy

I enjoy the interface, but the hardest setting is beatable every time. It’s not fun without a challenge and they really need to figure out a way to make the hardest setting actually difficult.


Fun game😊

Where is what I paid for

With the new update I now have ads and no color. Plus there is no way to back up a turn.

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